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Since the beginning of my research into the history of gay bars, creating a published version of the stories and logos of the gay bars we loved and lost has always been part of the plan.
That aspect of the project has finally begun in earnest. However, after reviewing the information I have amassed about more than 1500 gay bars gone by it has become obvious that one book will not be enough. 
Numerous online polls have helped me decide that the first in a series of GayBarchives books will focus on 'MegaBars and SuperDiscos'. I am currently conducting a series of video interviews with owners, managers and patrons of these mind-boggling venues to add to the already substantial research I have conducted. The book will follow soon thereafter.

Topics We Are Considering:
Who Says 'Size Matters'? 
Small bars that made a big impact
Murder and Mayhem in the Gay Bars
Tragedies related to our queer bars
Long Live the Queer Bar
Gay Bars that have withstood the test of time
Leather or Not? Bars for Men
A look at the variety of gay bars for men
Gay Bar Empires
Enterprising owners of multiple gay bars

. . . any other suggestions ?

Each episode of our podcast offers another look into our gay history
through the stories of the gay bars we loved and lost. 
GayBarchives is a combination of the words Gay, Bar and Archives.
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GayBarchives = Gay + Bar + Archives