Our mission is to build the world's largest archive of the logos and stories of gay bars from the past, preserving the memories of the places that were so significant to the growth and development of the LGBTQ+ community. 
To date we have commemorated more than 500 bars and nightclubs from more than 30 states in the US, along with several in Canada and Europe.
Please enjoy the trip down memory lane as you relive our LGBTQ history through the stories of our safe havens.

The World's Largest Collection of Gay Bar Logos and Stories

Building the world's largest archive of the stories and logos of gay bars from our past. Preserving the memories of the spaces that were so important to the evolution of the lgbtq community. making gay history. gaybarchives.com #tbteez #ilovegaybars #gaybarchives

This slideshow provides a quick look at hundreds of the logos I have reconstructed for my GayBarchives [gay BAR archives]. 
Click on the 'ARCHIVES' tab above to find links to the collections by state.
Click the 'ARCHIVES' tab to see the logos and stories behind these gay bars from the past.
We have reconstructed the logos of hundreds of defunct gay bars because we know that visual imagery is an important part of our history. At theWOWbiz.com you can view the listings [by state] of the places we have honored and the memories we have preserved and find links to the listings for each individual bar. Enjoy the stroll down memory lane!



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