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Birmingham - The Lighthouse, Gizmo
Huntsville - Yumm Yumm Tree, 
Montgomery - The Rainbow Disco 

Anchorage - The Wave, Blue Moon, Gordo's
Juneau- Rendezvous
Fairbanks- Blue Loon

Tucson - H2O
Phoenix - Boot Camp, Kay's Happy Landing

Little Rock - Sgt. Preston's

Gardena - Meat Market
Los Angeles - Cooper Do-nuts, One Way, Toy Tiger, Numbers, Sewers of Paris, Pure Trash, Golden Carp, Rascals, Bunkhouse, Flippers, Cock of the Walk, Cabaret, Purple Lion, Glass Onion, Barracks, Oil Can Harry's, GayWay, Dragstrip 66, Rawhide, Tandem, Clown, Hayloft, Hotshots, Halsted's, Hub, Jaguar, Greg's Blue Dot, Mag, JR's, Keith's, Ken's River Club, Farm, Westside, Black Knight, Blue Angel, Yukon Mining Company, Basic Plumbing, Arthur J's, Gold Coast, LeBar, Griffs, Coral Sands Motel, Bushwacker, Black Cat, Gino's, here, County Seat, Fallen Angel, Forsooth the Dragon, Eagle [original], KLYT, Plush Pony, Hy-Spot, Little Dipper, Manspace, MJ's, OneWay, Numbers WeHo, Carriage Trade, Phases, Silver Saddle, Zone, Palace, OutCast, Study, Renegade, Blacklite, Boots, Boxcar, Daniel's, C'est La Vie, Etc., Falcon's Lair, Levi, Lineup, Gaslight, MaleBox, Manhandler, Tradesman, Attic, Circus Disco, Zoo, Four Star, 55 Club, Bradley's 5and10, Rusty Nail, Le Barcito, Spotlight, Odyssey, After Dark, Arena, Little Cave, Detour, 8709, Blue Parrot, Jungle, KOH, David's, Goliath's, Flamingo, Probe, Moonshadow Lounge, Eleven, Rage, Cuffs, boybar, Dude City, Gipsy, 1970, GAY'M, Key Club, Jobsite, Studio One, Oasis [Upland]
Long Beach - Beach House, Forced Heat, Impact Lounge, Ripples, Chick's, Broadway Lounge, Hamburger Henry, 
Redondo - Lost and Found
Van Nuys - Driveshaft, Oxwood Inn
Venice - Roosterfish
Palm Springs - Crazy Coconut, Look, Shakers
Orange County - Newport Station, Rumour Hazzit, 
Russian River - Eagle
San Francisco - KOK, Kokpit, Missouri Mule, Badlands, Sound of Music, Bear Hollow, BOC Bar On Castro, Black Cat Cafe, Hombre, Detour, Mind Shaft, Nothing Special, Oil Can Harry's, Pendulum, Lion Pub, Dance Your Ass Off, Trocadero Transfer, Slot, Why Not, Alfies, Buzzby's, Febe's, I-Beam, The City, Mona's 440, Gangway, Daddy's, Finocchio's, Deco, Ambush, Folsom Prison, Elephant Walk, Fag Fridays [EndUp], Club Uranus [EndUp], Club Screw, Goman's, Marlene's
San Diego - WOLF'S, Show Biz, Press Room, Matador, Bourbon Street, Chee-Chee Club, Six Degrees
Santa Monica - Pink Elephant, Friendship
Oakland - Bench and Bar [BNB]

Denver - Triangle, Wrangler, Eagle, Detour
Colorado Springs - Hide & Seek, 

Westport - Cedar Brook Cafe

Rehoboth Beach - Cloud9,
Wilmington - My-Place, Renaissance

Miami/ Fort Lauderdale - Warsaw, Hombre, Fort Lauderdale Eagle, Dudes, Paragon, La Paloma, TWILO, Backstreet, Mekka, Otherside, Ballz, 13 Buttons, The Copa, Zelda's, Tackys, Club 21, Saint, Marlin Beach, The District, Red Rooster, Bill's Filling Station, Stud, Jungle, Lefty's, Stanley's, Sugar's, Rooftop Disco, Heartbreaker's, Shangri-La, Jackhammer/Steel, Palace, Score, Fort Dix [WPB], Cupid's [WPB]
Hollywood - Tee-Jay's
Tampa - Tracks, Chrome, G Bar, Ybor Social Club, Ybor Eagle, Mecca, Impulse Ybor, Impulse Channelside, Angels, Body Shop, Rascals, Red T, KiKiKi III, Howard Avenue Station, Cherokee Club, Flavour, Radar, Temple, Barbarella, Spurs, Factory, Tampa Eagle, Matrix, Parthenon, El Goya, flirt, Rene's Disco, Knotty Pine,  The Male Room, Pleasuredome, Old Plantation, Metropolis, 2606, Valentines, Club Manilla, Keith's Bar, Flings, Lounge 714, PLAY, Wranglers, Jungle, Chelsea, Old Plantation, Chambers, Liquid, Baxter's, "Tampa Proud"
St Petersburg/ Clearwater - G, Suncoast Eagle, Grand Central Station, Sports Page, Rainbow Lounge, Detour, Sharp A's, Bedrox, "Dirty Bird", Lighted Tree, Tru Lounge, Christopher Street, Suncoast Resort, Red Devil, Wedgwood, Engine Room, Club Zoo, FLAMINGO RESORTdt's, Jack's 809
Lakeland - Green Parrot, Pulse, 
New Port Richey - Wena's, Cribari, Manilows, Asylum, 
Key West - Monster Disco, Copa, Old Plantation, Boca Chica
Orlando - Chameleon, Peacock Room, Zanzibar, San Juan Hotel, Palace Club, Wylde's, SIN, Firestone, BOOM
Fort Myers/ Cape Coral- TBL, Office Pub, Tubby's, Tubby's City Hangout
Daytona Beach - Vagabond Hut, Zodiac Lounge, Barracks, Beachside, Barn Door, Buccaneer Motel,
Cocoa- Zipperz
Jacksonville - Old Plantation, Bo's Coral Reef
Sarasota - Club Tri-Angles, ID Martini's
Tallahassee - Foxtrot Disco, Cypress Lounge
Pensacola -Mirror Lounge, Red Garter, Emma Jones, Numbers,
Port St. Lucie - Byrd Cage
Hallandale - Keith's Cruise Room,
Ocala - Babylon


Atlanta - NUMBERS, The Rose, Deana's One Mo' Time, Hoedowns, 3 Legged Cowboy, Illusions, Cabana Motel, Backstreet, Armory, Cove, Pharr Library, Colorbox, Revolution, Velvet, Scruples, Rio, Answer, Celebrity Club, Renegades, Tulley's, Lipstix, Jock's, Weekends, 688, Tower, Onyx II, Tin Lizzie, Showcase Cabaret,  RJ's Xchange, 551 Downstairs, Sweet Gum Head, Aunt Charley's, Jungle, Chez Cabaret,  Opus 1, Shelly's, Gay Paree, Sensations, Phoenix, Warehouse, CrazyRayz, Rathskeller, Saint, Sportspage, Festival, Music City, Locker Room, OtherSide, Options, P's Annex, Stud, Laffite, La Place, Hotel York [Plush Room], P's, Queen of Club, Numbers, Bliss, Texas Drilling Company, Club Centaur, Poodles, Bayou Landing and Gallus .
ALSO: Special "Westminster Trails", "50 Years of Pride", "Atlanta Proud Women", "Atlanta Proud", "Murder Kroger" and "Krogay"  Tribute Designs.
Macon - Pegasus

Waikiki - Fusion, Wagon Wheel

Boise - Locker Room 

Chicago - Eagle, AA Meat Market, Gentry, Spin, Trianon, Manhandler, Little Jim's, the loading zone, U-Bahn, Goodies, Foxy's, Man's Country, Watergate, Crew, Scooter's, StarGazer, ozone, Le Pub, Christopher Street, Manhole, TJ's On Oak, Carol's Speakeasy, Crystal's Blinkers, Sunday's, Paris Dance, Medinah Lounge, K's on Klark, G.L.E.E. at crobar, Big Daddies, Bistro Too, Buddies', Dill Pickle Club, Felt, minibar, cocktail, circuit, Orbit, Alfie's, T's, Petunia's, Marilyn [cherchez la femme], LadyBug, GirlBar, SuziB's, Sparrow's, Virgo Out, Augie's, Windy City, Bulldog Road, [Baton], [Lucky Horseshoe]
Champaign-Urbana - The Bar, C Street
Belleville - Char-Pei, Old Cow Street Inn
East St. Louis - Boxers-n-Briefs, Faces

South Bend - Guerrilla Gay Bar, Starz
Indianapolis - Body Works

Des Moines - [Blazing Saddle], Le Boi

Junction City - Xcalibur
Wichita - J's Lounge

Louisville - Connection, Alley Cat, Teddy Bears

New Orleans - Upstairs Lounge, TT's West, Pete's Disco, Fellini's Madness, Fat Sam's TheaterCraft, Cabaret Three Way, Rubyfruit Jungle, 
Lake Charles - Crystal's, Gaslight, Ivy Lounge
Alexandria - Silly Sally's

Portland - Styxx

Baltimore - Eagle, The Hippopotamus, Brig, Port Hole, Grand Central

Boston - DV8, Spit, Jacques, Punch Bowl, PlayLand, Chess at Touraine, 12 Carver, Chaps, Herbie's Ramrod Room, Napoleon, 1254 Boylston, Ramrod/Machine, OtherSide, Buddies, 

Detroit- Eagle
Jackson - Detour

St. Paul - TRIKKX, Metro
Moorhead - See Fargo, ND

Jackson - Moe's Cabaret, Wonderlust, BottomsUp

St Louis - Faces, Upside Downtown, Herbie's Disco, Spikes, City Lights, Micks, Kitty Kat Klub, Mitchly's Saloon, Nites, Fallout, Zebra Lounge, Erney's 32 Degrees, Bowery, Magnolia's, Grand Olive, Uncle Marvin's, Genesis Disco 2, Bad Dog Saloon, Bad Dog Bar & Grill, Honey, Absolutli Goosed, Attitudes, Complex Nightclub, Mr A's Potpourri, Golden Gate Coffee Shop, Onyx Room, Clementine's
Kansas City - Connections, Trax, View On The Hill, Joseph's, 

Missoula - Amvets

Lincoln - Q, KARMA, Alternative, Panic
Omaha - Cave Club

Las Vegas - Numbers, Krave, Drink & Drag, Bastille

Manchester - Club 313, Breezeway, Element, 

East Orange - Charlie's West,
Sayreville - Colosseum, Ikon,
Newark - Zanzibar, Abe's Disco, 
Trenton - Zodiac, Lido,
Atlantic City - Chester Inn, Ceil's Saratoga, Davenport Hotel, Chez Disco, Grand Central, Entertainer's Club, Top o' the Rail
Cherry Hill - Emerald City, Gatsby's
Asbury Park - down the street, odyssey, Rainbow Room, Key West Hotel, Albion, Asbury Hudson, M&K, 

Santa Fe - Blue Rooster, Rouge Cat, Social Club

New York - SPLASH, Crisco Disco, Candle Bar, TWILO, Rubyfruit, Therapy, Eighty Eights, Break, The Works, Dew Drop Inn, No Parking, The Anvil, Ramrod, New Jimmy's, Sneakers, Paradise Garage, The Vault, VIEW, ROXY, Bar-Tini, G Lounge, Vlada, Uncle Charlie's, boy bar, Badlands, Fairytail Lounge, 9th Ave. Saloon, Gaiety Theatre, Spike, Wilde's Bookshop, Better Days, Company, Jewel Box Revue, The Web, Gilded Grape, Palladium, 2001 Odyssey, GG Barnum's Room, Peppermint Lounge, Ice Palace 57, Kooky's, ninth circle, champs, chase, chelsea transfer, xl, stix, 12 west, Danceteria, XENON, Sanctuary, Red Parrot, Barefoot Boy, Bond International Casino, Bendix Diner, Rawhide, Adonis Disco, Galaxy 21, Spectrum, Adam's Apple, Le Twinkie Zone, Mineshaft, Black Rabbit, Crowbar, Crazy Nanny's, Bonnie & Clyde, Gianni's, Love Boat, Mad Hatter, Pony Stable, Meow Mix, Pfaff's, Oak Room, Slide, Saint, Boots&Saddle, Starlite Lounge, "Fred Gray Association", hell, Man's Country 
Buffalo - Club Marcella, Buddies, City Lights, MC Compton's, Little Club, Bingo's, Morgan Sauna, Downtown Manor, Edge, MAXL'S
Elmira - Angles, Chill
Ithaca - Oasis, Common Ground 

Asheville - Trax II, Hairspray
Charlotte - The Paddock, Brass Rail, Charades, Liaisons, Manfred's, Scorpio, Oleen's, TAGS, Stevens, Zodiac
Wilmington - Palladium, Mickey Ratz
Durham - Power Company
Chapel Hill - Christopher's
Raleigh - Capital Corral, Glitter Gulch,  

Fargo - I-Beam, Sanctuary
Williston - Heartbreakers

Akron - Lydia's
Cincinnati - Adonis The Nightclub, Dock
Dayton - Masque
Cleveland - bounce

OKC - Copa, Angles, Gushers,  
Lawton - Triangles
Tulsa - Area 18

Portland - Other Inn, CC Slaughters, Dahl & Penne, Circle Theater, Capitol Theater, Rathskeller CafĂ©, Leonard's Bachelor Grill, Escape Night Club, The Egyptian Club, Weird Bar, Rainbow Grille, Louvre Restaurant, Red Cap Garage

Pittsburgh - Pegasus, Cruze, Eagle, 5801,THERE, Venture Inn, Zack's Fourth Avenue, Holiday Bar, SPIN, Images, The Link, Players 430, Jackson's, New York New York, Traveler, Blue Moon, 
Philadelphia - Uncles, Equus, Rainbows, Loft, Your Place, Pepper Box, Harmony Zone, 12th Air Command, icandy, Steps, Backstreet Baths, 247, Barracks, Boom Boom Room, DCA Disco, Maxine's, Allegro, Letters, Odyssey, Post, Second Story, Blueboy, Scarlet's Lounge
Allentown - Candida's, Stonewall
Harrisburg - 236 Club, 
Erie - Vincent's, 
Marietta - RailRoad House,
New Hope - Old Cartwheel Inn, The Baron, Raven, Vibrations, January's, Flippo's
East Stroudsburg - Rainbow Mountain Resort [pending]

Providence - Trixx@XL

Columbia - Our Place
Charleston - The Arcade Club, The Treehouse, Garden and Gun Club, Jardin, Tango, Mix, Streetcar, Peppermint Rabbit, Connection, 
Myrtle Beach - Illusions, Time Out!

Sioux Falls - Toppers

Nashville - Warehouse 28, Otherside, Jungle, Juanita's, K8's, B Palola's, Blue Gene's, Vibe, [Connection], World's End, Chez Colette, Chute

Chattanooga - IMAGES,

Memphis - DAVID'S, The Front Page, Jungle, Amnesia, Rumors, Madison Flame, JWag's, Backstreet, George's, Otherside, Buddys, Barracks, Metro, Friendship Lounge, Expresso, Pipeline, My Place, Paragon, Psych Out, Pendulum, Gunslinger, Entree, RP Tracks, Tango Palace, Blue Room, BodyShop, Twilight, Shobar, Aristocrat, Raven, Trapper John's, Golden Nugget, Jackie's, Rain Check II, 

Knoxville - Lord Lindsey, Upstage 54, Carousel II, Colony, Zodiac, Sensations, Trumps, Ol' Plantation, Electric Ballroom

Johnson City - Connection,

Austin - BT2, Austin Country, Charlies, Silver Spur, Rusty Spurs, West End Pub, 1920s Club, Backstreet, Boyz Cove, Naked Grape, Dick's Deja Disco, Badlands, Crossing, Hall's, Tex's, Dirty Sally's, Lipstick 24, Oz, Club 404, Buckles Saloon, Boathouse, Apartment, Chain Drive, Snuffy's Saloon, Nexus Country, Friends & Lovers, 5th Street Station, Chances, Boyz Cellar, Auntie Mame's, Mickey's, Hollywood, Rusty's, 'Bout Time, Backstreet Basics, proteus, Cockpit, Forum, Rainbow Cattle Company, Ohms, Dirty Sally's, Cowboys,  La Leona, and "Hippie Hollow"
Houston - Guava Lamp, Chicken Coop, Copa, BoyBar, PastTime, Brick's, Heaven, Filling Station, Lazy J, Studz, Santa Fe Trading, Hot Rod, Baja Sam's, Miss Kitty's, Cockatoo, Confectionary, 611, Bayou Landing,  The Hole, Gold Room, Red Feather, Babylon, Gay Country, Bear's, Gentry, Numbers, Barn, Pacific Street, Flamingo, Silver Dollar Saloon, Loading Dock, Twins, The Usual, Round Table, Meat Rack, Nsomnia, Midnite Sun, Pink Elephant, Cuddles, Mother's, Farmhouse, 2306, Parade, Golden Spur, Depository, Catch One, Chances, Exile, Off Main, Camp Closet, Club Exile, Arena Baths, Velvet Hammer, Circus Club, Peppermint Palace, Rooster's, Studio 13, Old Plantation, Soixante Quinze [6015], Venture-N, Mary's, EJ's, inside/outside, Brazos River Bottom [BRB], Teddy's, The Spur, WAGON WHEEL, Cove Disco, Adam's Image, Levi's, Rascals, Mecca, Silver Bullet, Silver Phoenix, Dirty Sally's, Locker, Chute, Red Room, Briar Patch
Dallas - Zoo, crews inn, Dallas Crude, Eden, Tex's Ranch, Saint, The Nail, Exchange/Rack, Alcatraz, 4001, Zippers, Fraternity House, Old Plantation, Bon Soir, Crossroads, Daddies, Arena, Baby's, Baja, Hartford's, Kolors, Peacock, Babys, Candy Store, Magnum, Detour, Cove, Boxx Office, Unicorn, Silver Streak, Eighth Day, CC Contemporary Country, Studio 69, Starck Club, Bentley's, Brick, Big Daddy's, Club Delman, Patrick's, Ernie's Wild Group Inn, Moby Dicks, Pekers, Bamboleo's, Terry's Ranch, Marlboro, Sundance Kids, BJs NXS, RamRod, Hideaway, Chip-Inn, Bayou Landing
Fort Worth - Rainbow Lounge, Copa Cabana, 1601, Elvira's, El Toga, Culture Club, Corral, Ashburns, In Between, Other place, Copa, Partners, Downtowner, Krazy Kowboy, Split Image, Switch Club, Tender Trap, TJ's Back Door Lounge, Vickery Station, Blue Beacon, Across the Street, Best Friends, Chances, Crossroads, Magnolia Station, 651, 500 Club, 515, Patches, Bailey St. Wherehouse
Amarillo - Maggie's Dance Club, Poet's, Hooter's
Arlington - Mad Hatter, 651, Britches, 1851
Denison - Goodtime Lounge
Bryan College Station - The Crossing
Abilene - Walnut Street Pub, Coyote Connection, Just Friends
Galveston - KonTiki, Mary's Too, Pink Dolphin, AN'US, The Fly, Garbo's, The Glory Hole, Hollywood,  Silver Palace Saloon,  Trammps,
Beaumont - Farmhouse, Taboo, Copa, Shadows, Scandals, Sundowner
San Antonio - Saint, WILD, Wild West, Copa, San Pedro Mining Co., Phazez, Eagle Mountain, Royale, Snuffy's Saloon, Pump House, Madame Arthur's, Talk of the Town, Daddy's, Memories, Bermuda Triangle, Kolors, GBR's, Korral, LJ'z, Nite Owl, Ab's Westernaire, Precious Lounge, Stallion, San Antonio Country, Silver Dollar, The Club, El Jardin, Changez, Cowboys, Faces, Heat, High Society, One-O-Six, Circle J, Mineshaft, Crew, Alamo Station, Rebar, Sneakers, Annex, Pegasus, 2015 Place, Industria, Badlands, The Gay Paree, Paper Moon, Sunset Boulevard, Sparks, Bamboleo's, Dirty Sally's, Noo Zoo, Hypothesis, Santa Fe Junction, Sagittarius Club, 
El Paso - Old Plantation
Odessa - Capri Club, Club Passions
Longview - Rainbow Connection, Choices, Jamz, Our Place
Lubbock Faces
McAllen - 10th Avenue, Duffy's
Reynosa - Choices Disco
Waco - David's

Salt Lake City - The Sun, Radio City Lounge, The Trapp, MoDiggity's, Jam, Paper Moon, 161, Vortex, Heads Up

Burlington - Mister Sister, 135 Pearl
Brattleboro - Rainbow Cattle Company

Norfolk - Boiler Room, Hershee, 
Richmond - Christopher's

Seattle - The Casino

Circle, Lost and Found, Court Jester,  Numbers, Chicken Hut, Cobalt, Equus, Remingtons, Louis' Hidaway, Crew Club, After Dark, Orchid, BeBar, Badlands, Blue Plains Disco, The Pier, Frat House, Ziegfeld's, PLUS ONE, TownHouse, Omega, Apex

Wheeling - Another World
Martinsburg - The Club

Madison - Rod's, Going My Way?, 111 West, New Bar
Wisconsin Dell - Rainbow Valley Resort, Captain Dix
Milwaukee - Eagle, Ballgame, Boom, Factory, Sugar Shack, Lost&Found, Gargoyle, Just Us, Rainbow Bar, Rainbow Revue, Gaytime, Kisses, Kathy's Nut Hut, Jocks, Your Place/YP, Club 219, Wreck Room, Ten Hundred East, 1100 Club, Ad Lib, Boot Camp, M&M, Triangle, Circus, Phoenix, Oregon House, Alternative, Leaded Shade, Leaded Shade II
Appleton - PIVOT, 
Green Bay - Brandy's II,
Kenosha - Club 94 

NONE - There are no known gay bars, past or present, in the state of Wyoming. Please contact me if you know of one.


Toolbox, David's, Manatee, Voodoo, Badlands, Remingtons, Stages, ST. CHARLES TAVERN, August, Komrads, Zipperz, Cellblock
The GandyDancer, BJ's, Luv-a-fair, Odyssey, Playpen, xy, 1181, Richards Street Service Club, 
Eagle, Parkside Continental, 'Fruit Loop'
FlashBack, The Roost,
Maurice, Le Parking, Tribe Hyperclub, K.O.X., MAX, Truxx



Liverpool - Curzon
Paris - Le Monocle
Cannes - Zanzibar

Rome - Hangar

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