My GayBarchives project started with a commemorative t shirt I designed for Backstreet Atlanta at the end of 2019. Once Covid-19 impacted Florida with lockdowns and restrictions, I put the project into high gear. Since March of 2020 the list has grown to over 2000 designs honoring our gay bars from the past with more than 150 from the Sunshine State. 

The video below offers a quick look at 
150 archived gay bar logos from Florida.

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Wilton Manors Video Documentary
Amidst these trying times we set out to create a documentary style video highlighting the diversity and acceptance of Florida's premier LGBTQ+ destination.
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gay means happy. it’s hard to believe that there are so few products on the market that represent the community outside of pride month. when you really think about, how many products can you think about that have “gay” in the title? maybe 3?
Here is the list of Florida gay bars gone by in the #GayBarchives collection:
Wilton Manors - 13 Even, Alibi / Monkey Bar, Apt. 9F, Ballz, Bill's / Bill's Filling Station, Boom / Atomic Boom, Bubbles & Pearls, Cape, Cellar, Chardee's, 
Chardee's Lounge, Chef Nate's, Circuit, Club 2031, Club Classics, Club xTra, 
Courtyard Café, Costello's, Drynk, Eagle Wilton Manors,  G Spot, GYM Sportsbar, Hamburger Mary's, Hunters Nightclub, Hysteria, Infinity Lounge, 
JJ's Den, Jam's, Java Boys, Johnsons, Kicks, Legends, LIT Bar, Manor / Venue, 
Man's Western Country, Martini's Cabaret, Matty's on the Drive, Matty's at Wilton Park, Monkey Business, Naked Grape, New Moon, Otherglades, Otherside, Palms  Cabaret, Pint, PJ's Cocks & Tails, PJ's Corner Pocket, Progress Bar, Pub on the Drive, Rosie's Bar & Grill, Scandals Saloon, Sidelines, Silver Club, Southern Nights, Spencer's Corner Bar, Tap That Ash, TeeJay's Thai & Sushi, Tropics, 
Tulio's Tacos, Wilton Biergarten, Wilton Pub, Wolf

Fort Lauderdale - 11 Nightclub, 13 Buttons, 13 Even, 22, 321 Slammer, 825, 1800 East, 2509 West, Anywayz, Art Bar, Bacchus, Backstreet, Bar Amici, Berlin, Big Bill's, Bill's Filling Station, Birdcage, Black Banana, Boardwalk, Bobby Winn's, Boom, Boots, Bottom's Up, Buddy's, Bushes, Bus Stop, Camp David, Cathode Ray, Chains, Chaps, Chase, Cheekers, China White, Club 17 South, Club Caribbean, Club Electra, Club Pierre, Club Q, Clubhouse Connection, Coliseum, Connection, Copa, Corner Pub, Corral, Cubby Hole, Cupcakes, Curve Club, David's, Depot, Depot Cabana, District, Doll House Lounge, Dudes, Eagle FtL, Elbo Room, Eleven, End Up, Everglades, Fantasy, Flamingo Bay, Full Moon Lounge, Gallery, Georgie's 321, Glory Hole, Glow Lounge, Gold Coast, Good Times, Good Timers Pub, Grotto, Gypsy's Cabaret, Hannibal's, Haymarket, Hector's, Hideaway, Howl at the Moon, I-Beam, Impulse, J's Bar, Jackhammer, January's, Jet Set, Jimmie's Cabaret, Johnny's, Jonny's Village Inn, Jungle, Junkyard, Juno's, Ka, Kaos, Laffing Matterz, Laser Wolf, Lauderdale Beach Hotel, LeBar, LeBoy, Lefty's, Little Jim's, Living Room, Lodge, Loft, Loose Caboose, Lords, Lower Deck Disco, Lucifer's Inferno, Lush, Malebox, Manhattan's, Marlin Beach Hotel, Mineshaft, Moby Dick, Mona's, Montana, Monster, Mugs, Mustard's, Odds & Ends 2, Omni, O'Reilly's Cyber Café, Our Placehouse, Outpost, Paradise, Pecs, Phases, Phoenix, Pier, Pink Tails, Pitts,  PJ's Corner Pocket, Poop Deck [MBH], Puddle's, Purgatory, Q, Ramrod, Red Barn, Reflections, Regatta, Riverside Pub, Roland's, Rose, Roxanne's, Rumors, Russell's, Ruthie's Golden Garter, Rustlers, Saigon, Saint, Saloon, Sally O'Brien's, Saturn, Sea Monster, September's, Shangri-La, SideStreet, Simba's, Smarty Pants, Splash, Stall, Stanley's, Steel, Storm, Stud, TB's Lounge, Tacky's, Tangerine, Together, Torpedo, Traxx, Tree Tavern, Tunnel, Two on a Match, Uncle's, Uncle Charlie's, Victoria Park, Vinyl, Visions, VooDoo Lounge, Wine & Stein, Ye Olde Tavern, Zachary's Pub, Zanzibar, Zelda's

Miami/ Miami Beach - 2x2, 13 Buttons, 821, 6700 Lounge, 8000 Club, Alibi, Alley, Alley Lounge, Ambassadors III, Amnesia, Anam's, Area 51, Aria, At The Boulevard, Azucar, Bachelor's II, Backdoor Bamby, Bar 14, Bar 721, Bar Gaythering, Barroom, Bash, Basin Street, Berlin, Billboard Live, Billy Lee's, Billy's Backroom, Bits & Bridle, Blackie's Hideaway, Black Sheep, Blind Fox, Bliss, Blue, Boardwalk, Bongo's Cuban Café, Bonfire, BoyBar, Buccaneer Disco, Buck's Lounge, Bulldogs, Bunkhouse, Cactus Lounge, Café Con Leche, Cambridge, Cameo, Carnival, Cas-Bar, Cattle Company, Celebrations, Charles Hotel, Cheeks, Cheers, Cherry Grove, Chez Louise, Circus, Click, Climax, Clover Club, Club 49, Club 1235, Club 5922, Club Benni, Club Boi, Club Echo, Club Jewel Box, Club Milford, Club Space, Club Zen, Cock, Cockpit, Coco Palm, Comedy Zone, Copacabana, Coral Bar, Coral Gable Stables, Corner, Cos-Bar, Coyote Bar, Creme Lounge, CroBar, Cupid's Cabaret, Danny & Doc's Jewel Box, Dante's, Dek23, Deluxe Club, DeMarco, Diamante, Dinghy, Diskotekka, Dive, Dolce, Double R, Dream Lounge, Drinkhouse Fire & Ice, Duck's Den, Eagle, Eagle's Nest, Eclipse, El Carol, El Tucan, Equus, Eros Lounge, Falcon's Lair, Fifth, Flag Bar, Flavour, Floppy Rooster, Florida Brewing Company, Fog Room, Foxhole, Frankie & Johnny, Freddie's Piano Bar, Frenchie's, Fruit Bar, Funktion, Garden of Earthly Delights, Godiva, Gold Keg, Googie's, Gramps, Gregory's, Groove Jet, Grove Village Pub, Halo, Hamlet, Hamlet's Hideaway, Hayloft, Heaven, Helene's Rendezvous, Hi Room, Hole, Hombre, Horizons, HQ Cabaret, Il Libra, Indra Lounge, Jamboree, Johnny's Miami, Karleman's, Karma's Car Wash & Café, Kill Your Idol, Koala Pub, KRAVE, Kremlin, Laundry, Leon & Eddie's, Leprechaun, Level/Federation, Libra, Lime, Lion's Den, Liquid, Little Tiki, Loading Zone, Loft, Lounge, Lua, Lucky's, Luna, Madame resti's Cabaret, Magnum, Mansion, Martini Bar, Matches, Mayflower, Maze, Meet Rack, Mekka, Mermaid Room, Mexicana Club, Middle Room, Midway, Mimi's, Mineshaft, Miss Kay's & Marie's Hideaway, Mixers, Mother's, Mother's Old Village Pub, Mova, Mynt Ultra Lounge, Nathan's, Neil's Hideaway, Night Owl, Nook, Normandy Lounge, OLA!, On The Waterfront, Onyx, Other Mother, Ovo, Oxygen, Ozone, Page 36 Disco, Palace, Pandora's Box, Paragon, Park Place, Park West, Patio, Peacock Lounge, Peg's Place, Peter's, Phoenix One, Piano Lounge, Pier 17, PinUp, Pinup II, Pub, Pump, Purple Parrot, Rack, Rainbow, Rainbow Room, Ramrod, Ready Bar, Red Carpet, Red Neck's, Red Rooster, Rendezvous, Rex, Riviera Bar, Rocket Dance Bar, Roderick's, ROK, Roman Room, Roxie's 5 & Dime, RR, S & L, Salvation, Sandal Club, SanFrancisco, Sappho's, Score, Sebastian's, Second Landing, Secret Garden, Seven, Shack Bar, Snap, SoHo, Solare Coliseum, Solutions, Southpaw Saloon, South Beach Arena, Space, Splash, Stables, Stallions, Steel, StepMother, Steps, Stereo, Stonewall, Stonewall Too, Studio, Sugars, Swinging Richards, Swirl, Tambourine, Tantra, Tavern on the Beach, Ted's Hideaway, Temptations, Teran's, Terminal Bar, Torpedo Bar, Trip, Tunnel 1437, Twist, Ultraviolet, Uncle Charlie's, Upstairs/ Escalara, Uranus, Vagabond, Vick's Bar, Vlada, Warehouse VIII, Warsaw, Waterfront, Waterloo, Weekend Club, Wet, West End, Windjammer Lounge, Womyn's Town, WOW World of Women, Your Bar, Your Father's Mustache, Yuca Lounge, Z, Zen, Zep Tep, Zipper's Cabaret, Zissen's

Tampa - Tracks, Chrome, G Bar, Ybor Social Club, Ybor Eagle, Mecca, Impulse Ybor, Impulse Channelside, Angels, Body Shop, Rascals, Red T, KiKiKi III, Howard Avenue Station, Cherokee Club, Flavour, Radar, Temple, Barbarella, Spurs, Factory, Tampa Eagle, Matrix, Parthenon, El Goya, flirt, Rene's Disco, Knotty Pine,  The Male Room, Pleasuredome, Old Plantation, Metropolis, 2606, Valentines, Club Manilla, Keith's Bar, Flings, Lounge 714, PLAY, Wranglers, Jungle, Chelsea, Old Plantation, Chambers, Liquid, Baxter's, "Tampa Proud"

St Petersburg/ Clearwater - G, Suncoast Eagle, Grand Central Station, Sports Page, Rainbow Lounge, Detour, Sharp A's, Bedrox, "Dirty Bird", Lighted Tree, Tru Lounge, Christopher Street, Suncoast Resort, Red Devil, Wedgwood, Engine Room, Club Zoo, FLAMINGO RESORT, dt's, Jack's 809

Lakeland - Green Parrot, Pulse, 
New Port Richey - Wena's, Cribari, Manilows, Asylum, 
Key West - Monster Disco, Copa, Old Plantation, Boca Chica
Orlando - Peacock Room, Palace Club, Wylde's, SIN, Firestone, BOOM
Fort Myers/ Cape Coral- TBL, Office Pub, Tubby's, Tubby's City Hangout
Daytona Beach - Vagabond Hut, Zodiac Lounge, Barracks, Beachside, Barn Door, Buccaneer Motel,
Cocoa- Zipperz
Jacksonville - Old Plantation, Bo's Coral Reef
Sarasota - Club Tri-Angles
Tallahassee - Foxtrot Disco
Pensacola -Mirror Lounge, Red Garter, Emma Jones, Numbers,
Port St. Lucie - Byrd Cage
Ocala - Babylon

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