This gay history archival project has gotten a little bit of media attention. Apparently the old is the new new.
Below are the links to some of the coverage we have received so far. Feel free to check them out and learn a little more about what people are saying about the collection of the logos and stories of gay bars gone by. 

More than 3000 of the logos we have preserved:

Amber Live - Amber LeMay

Revry.TV - Queer Television
Embrace Magazine - Advocacy Issue November 2021
WaterMark: Central Florida's Gay Newspaper
Hot 101.5 Radio Interview with Miguel, Holly & Scotty
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#ILoveGay Segment with Matt Skallerud of Pink Media
Spectrum Bay News 9 TV Segment with Ashley Paul 
Atlanta Magazine October 2020 Gay History Issue
PromoHomoTV Interview Segment with Nicholas Snow
Southern Equality Interview with Randall Fair
OutCoast Florida LGBT Travel website feature.
OutBuro Voices Interview
Fingers: Drinking Culture by Dave Infante
Chit Chat with the Queer and Creative

Tampa Bay Gay .com
ComeOutAsYouAre .com
VinePair .com
Each segment offers another look into our gay history
through the lens of our gay bars gone by. 
GayBarchives is a combination of the words Gay, Bar and Archives.
There are many people who have played a big part in this project. 
To all of you, I want to extend my eternal gratitude. 
As time moves forward this list will undoubtedly grow. 
Just know that your contributions did not go unnoticed.
Dick, Mitch, Vicki, Chris, Michail, Brian, Drew, Tommy, Manny, AJ, Rachel, Louie, Darlene, Camey, Steve, Jody, Kara, Floyd, Roy, Jack, Raven, Del, Leslie, Thomas, Dana, Frank, Michael, Josh, Al, Fain, Matt, Bill, Jaclyn, Rex, Derrick, Robin, Ryan, Robert, Sukie, John, Art, George, Bev, Dani, Arch, Frankie, Ted, Bjorn, Ron, Hunter, Patti, Amy, James, Joey, Kurt, Richard, Kathy,  Alan, Greg, Rick, Phillip, Ian, Peter, Deana, Paul, Larry, Nadine, Jacqueline, Brad, Tommie, Kenn, Debbie, Melissa, Ashley, Miguel, Holly, Vanessa, Scotty, Jennie, Derek, Randall, Nicholas, JD, Rafael, Jesse, Bob, David, Troy, DJ, John, Rich, Dennis

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GayBarchives = Gay + Bar + Archives
GayBarchives = Gay + Bar + Archives