GayBarchives = Gay + Bar + Archives

The GayBarchives Project has been working diligently to preserve an often-ignored aspect of our history:
The Gay Bar

For over two years we have researched and documented more than 2000 gay bars gone by as well as several long-time survivors. For most bars we have digitally reconstructed their logos and collected images and articles related to their impact on the evolution of our gay community.
We have also conducted more than 80 video interviews capturing first-hand accounts of life in those gay bars, recording the memories of those who lived through our colorful past. There are several books in the works as well.
In addition, we have built an active community of more than 5000 members who reminisce daily about their clubbing days in our Facebook group. 
To date our research has been predominantly self-funded, supplemented by a few contributions from enthusiastic fans of our work. 
In order to be able to grow and expand our reach, we need your help.
Many national and international brands have supported LGBTQ+ history projects, including: Stoli, Nike, Mini, J├Ągermeister, Andrew Christian, Miller Lite and others. 

Our needs are modest: 
  • Nominal cash contributions to facilitate travel to gay history conferences and pride festivals;
  • Stipends for printing, promotional items, signage, production expenses, postage and other office expenses;
  • In-kind donations for volunteer incentives, event giveaways, online contests, marketing materials, office supplies, tech equipment; 
  • Connect us with the people you know who can add to our project by sharing their stories from #GayBarsGoneBy; and
  • Online support. No cost to you or your company. Just share our posts, link to our video interviews, tell the world about what we're doing. 
Would you be a good match?
Any company or individual interested in showing their support for the LGBTQ+ community and our history would make a great partner!
  • Alcoholic beverage companies;
  • Soft drink/ juice/ mixer manufacturers;
  • Online retailers of LGBTQ+ products and apparel;
  • Printers, sign companies, office supply providers and promotional products distributors;
  • LGBTQ+ media outlets and resources; 
  • Travel-related businesses; and
  • Enthusiastic supporters of our colorful gay history.

What's in it for YOU?
Let's Talk! 
In addition to the good will you'll get from embracing our gay history, we can: 
  • mention you in our videos, 
  • recognize you at our events, 
  • link to you on our website, 
  • promote you through our social media pages and groups, 
  • create customized video clips tailored for your event needs, 
  • provide content tailored for your readers/viewers 
  • and more! 
Just drop us a line at
Let's Make Gay History!

Know someone who might want to support our research?
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