This page is dedicated to Atlanta's rich and colorful gay bar history. The video features many of the bars and hangouts from Atlanta's past. 
A list of over 200 bars from Atlanta's gay past.
Feel free to suggest bars I may have missed.
Not all of these bars were 'gay' 100% of the time,
but they all played a memorable part in Atlanta's gay community. 
The names in RED above were voted the most popular by Facebook members
based on my poll which reached nearly 5000 people.
Inclusion in this list is in no way intended to suggest the sexual orientation of any of the
owners, staff or patrons of these establishments. 
Surviving Legends Atlanta Eagle and The Heretic continue to serve Atlanta's gay community.
We have created a line of commemorative products based on the 'Celebrating Atlanta's Gay History' design [above left] and the list of bars [above right]. Click on the 'New Design' image above to see the full line of products. These products will benefit YIMBY, a Georgia nonprofit organization serving the homeless community.
Video Interviews About
Atlanta's Gay Bars

EPISODE THREE: Roy Oldenkamp
In this episode of the GayBarchives Podcast we talk to Roy Rogers Oldenkamp about his Backstreet documentary, gay clubs in Atlanta and gay life. #gaybarchives #ilovegaybars #lgbthistory Find more segments at #pridemonth
Watch Episode Three: Roy Rogers Oldenkamp

In this episode of the GayBarchives Podcast we talk to Jimmy James about his amazing career as the best Marilyn Monroe illusionist in the world, gay bar life in San Antonio and touring the country performing at dozens of gay bars [including Backstreet Atlanta]. We also talk about his hit single 'Fashionista'. 
Watch Episode Four: Jimmy James

In this episode of the GayBarchives Show we take a stroll down memory lane with Juan Cezar, former lighting tech at Charlie Brown's Cabaret, host of a weekly talent showcase and lead singer of the synth-pop band Frisky Monkey. He sheds some light on his fondest memories of Atlanta's colorful gay bar scene.
#gaybarchives #ilovegaybars #lgbthistory Another look into our gay history through the lens of our gay bars gone by. GayBarchives is a combination of the words Gay, Bar and Archives.  Find more segments at #pridemonth
Watch Episode Five: Juan Cezar

EPISODE NINE: Chris Coleman
In this episode of the GayBarchives Podcast we talk to Chris Coleman about his memories from the Atlanta bar scene, managing a gay entertainment complex and his plans for a GayDM music festival. #gaybarchives #ilovegaybars #gayhistory GayBarchives = Gay + Bar + Archives Find more segments at #pridemonth
Watch Episode Nine: Chris Coleman
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EPISODE TEN: Miguel and Holly Show 101.5
In this episode of the GayBarchives Show we talk to Tampa radio hosts Miguel and Holly about the GayBarchives project and Miguel recalls a story about his mother at Backstreet Atlanta. #gaybarchives #ilovegaybars #gayhistory Find more segments at #pridemonth
Watch Episode Ten: Miguel and Holly Show

EPISODE FIFTEEN: The Goddess Raven
In this long-awaited episode of the GayBarchives Podcast we chat with Monte [aka The Goddess Raven] about his amazing career as a performer at Backstreet Atlanta and how the gay bar scene molded his personality and his career. We also discuss life on a farm in Oklahoma and other unexpected topics. #ilovegaybars #gaybarchives #lgbthistory
Watch Episode Fifteen: The Goddess Raven 
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Episode 38. Bob Taylor [patriarch of the Haus of Taylor] reminisces about his days on stage at Lavita's in Atlanta, Rene's Disco and Tracks in Tampa and Orlando's iconic Parliament House. Tiffani Middlesexx, Chad Michaels, Rachel Wells, Amber Richards, Tina Devore and The Goddess Raven are all mentioned. #gaybarchives #ilovegaybars See all the GayBarchives segments at #pridemonth 
Watch Episode ThirtyEight:  Bob Taylor
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Episode 40. Ted Binkley recounts stories from his first gay bar experience in Nashville [1952], several bars from the 1960s Long Beach scene, Atlanta's Gallus, Illusions and Crazy Rayz. We also discuss the last bar he owned in Montgomery AL [Zippers]. You have to look up 'The Salvation Army Song' online and you will understand how Dora DeVille eventually came to be. #ilovegaybars #gaybarchives Find more segments at  #gayhistory
Watch Episode Forty:  Ted Binkley
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EPISODE 52: Jonny McGovern, perhaps best known for his Gay Pimp videos and his Hey Qween talk show, talks about his memories from gay bars gone by. LA and NYC: Cock, Boys Room, Mr. Black, The Saint, Backstreet Atlanta. #gaybarchives #ilovegaybars #lgbthistory Find more segments at  #pridemonth #gaypimp #heyqween
Watch Episode FiftyTwo: Jonny McGovern
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EPISODE 59: Larry Tee is one of the most outrageous personalities in Electronic Music and Fashion. Although perhaps best known for his collaborations with RuPaul and Lahoma in NYC, his roots are in Atlanta. In this segment, Larry Tee takes us back to the vibrant gay scene in 'Hotlanta' in the 1970s and 80s as well as NYC in the 90s.  #gaybarchives #ilovegaybars #lgbthistory Find more segments at #pridemonth

EPISODE 85: Legendary Disco Diva Pamala Stanley discusses her six decade career singing her way across the country and around the world, including many gay bars along the way. Pamala had numerous Billboard Top 20 hits including "Coming Out of Hiding" and "I Don't Want to Talk About It". At nearly 70 years of age she still delivers a high energy show!  #gaybarchives Exploring Gay History One Bar at a Time! #ilovegaybars GayBarchives = Gay + Bar + Archives  #lgbthistory Find more segments at #pridemonth
Watch Episode EightyFive:  Disco Diva Pamala Stanley

EPISODE EIGHTY SIX: Scott Blount/ Scarlett Dailey
EPISODE 86: Renowned Drag Diva Scarlett Dailey [aka Scott Blount] shares memories of a long and storied career in gay bars across America, including Lavita's [Atlanta], Paddock Club [Greenville NC] and Friends Lounge [Jacksonville NC].  #gaybarchives Exploring Gay History One Bar at a Time! #ilovegaybars GayBarchives = Gay + Bar + Archives  #lgbthistory Find more segments at #pridemonth
Watch Episode EightySix: Scarlett Dailey/ Scott Blount [ATL & NC]
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EPISODE 87: Atlanta's own legendary Dr. Jesse Peel discusses the colorful history of Hotlanta's gay scene and his experiences as an activist in the 80s and beyond.  #gaybarchives Exploring Gay History One Bar at a Time! #ilovegaybars GayBarchives = Gay + Bar + Archives  #lgbthistory Find more segments at #pridemonth
Watch Episode :  Dr. Jesse Peel - Atlanta
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