This page is dedicated to Atlanta's rich and colorful gay bar history. The video features many of the bars and hangouts from Atlanta's past. 
A list of over 200 bars from Atlanta's gay past.
Feel free to suggest bars I may have missed.
Not all of these bars were 'gay' 100% of the time,
but they all played a memorable part in Atlanta's gay community. 
The names in RED above were voted the most popular by Facebook members
based on my poll which reached nearly 5000 people.
Inclusion in this list is in no way intended to suggest the sexual orientation of any of the
owners, staff or patrons of these establishments. 
Surviving Legends Atlanta Eagle and The Heretic continue to serve Atlanta's gay community.
We have created a line of commemorative products based on the 'Celebrating Atlanta's Gay History' design [above left] and the list of bars [above right]. Click on the 'New Design' image above to see the full line of products. These products will benefit YIMBY, a Georgia nonprofit organization serving the homeless community.