The GayBarchives project has been preserving the memories of gay bars of the past from all across the US and the world since its inception. To date over 1400 lost gay bars have been documented.

The latest focus has been on Atlanta's rich and colorful gay past. With the help of our popular Facebook group and an online survey that reached more than 5000 fans of the gay bars we loved and lost, we have documented in excess of 200 of Atlanta's favorite clubs and hangouts.

We have also digitally reconstructed more than 150 of those long-lost logos, often based upon hazy images from old ads and matchbook covers. Our plan is to release a video slideshow featuring those flashback memories from Atlanta's gay heyday.

Anyone with knowledge of other bars that served the Atlanta gay community in years past is invited to share their memories in our Facebook group or email us directly at

Designs from this 'Atlanta 2021' collection will benefit YIMBY, a Georgia nonprofit serving the homeless community.

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Not all of these bars were 'gay' 100% of the time,
but they all played a memorable part in Atlanta's gay community.